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HIDA Scan and HIDA with EF

General Information

Nuclear Medicine exams detect radioactive isotopes (tracers) given to the patient prior to the exam in order to show function of various areas within the body.

What is HIDA Scan or HIDA with EF?

HIDA Scan and HIDA with EF (CCK) assess right upper quadrant abdominal pain, general abdominal pain, bile reflux, biliary colic, surgical site.

  • This exam may be called – HIDA, HIDA with Ejection Fraction (or EF), HIDA with CCK, Gallbladder Study, GB with EF.
  • Injection and immediate images are obtained.  This may take up to 90 minutes.  You must be able to lie still on the table for this amount of time.
  • You may be given a natural hormone (CCK) during the test if it is ordered by the referring Physician.
  • If you are claustrophobic, the images may be obtained with you standing up; however, the preferred method is to have you lying on the table.
  • We do not include the Ejection Fraction with CCK unless it has been specifically stated on the Physician’s order.

How should I prepare for a HIDA Scan?

  • Bring Ultrasound report with you to your appointment if it is available.
  • You should be NPO for a minimum of 4 hours prior to exam.  This usually means no breakfast on the day of the exam.
  • Do not take narcotic pain medications the day of the exam.