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General Information

Nuclear Medicine exams detect radioactive isotopes (tracers) given to the patient prior to the exam in order to show function of various areas within the body.

What is a MUGA Scan?

A MUGA Scan assesses a patient’s LVEF (Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction).

  • MUGA stands for Multiple Gated Acquisition.
  • This exam involves drawing blood and "tagging" a radioactive tracer to it.  Once the blood is “tagged,” it is re-injected into you.  If this procedure is contradictory to any of your personal beliefs, then please let the Technologist know prior to the test being started, as there are alternative ways to perform this exam.

How should I prepare for MUGA Scan?

  • No restrictions for medications, eating, or driving.
  • Drink plenty of fluids prior to the exam.
  • Inform the Technologist if you have a breast prosthesis or implants.