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Parathyroid Scan

General Information

Nuclear Medicine exams detect radioactive isotopes (tracers) given to the patient prior to the exam in order to show function of various areas within the body.

What is a Parathyroid Scan?

Parathyroid Scans evaluate elevated blood calcium levels or hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism, and localizing possible adenomas.

  • This exam may be called – Parathyroid Scan, Sestamibi Thyroid Scan.
  • You will receive an injection and you must wait 30 minutes to be scanned.  Then, a 15 minute image will be taken and a second injection will be given.  You will wait 10 minutes and then 3 more images will be taken. 
  • It is very important that you remain perfectly still for the first 2 images.  If you cannot lie still, please inform the Technologist so accommodations for the necessary imaging can be made.


How should I prepare for a Parathyroid Scan?


  • No restrictions for eating or driving.
  • Some Physicians may withhold calcium and thyroid medications.
  • You should not have iodinated contrast exams within 7 days of this particular exam.
  • You may leave and come back for the delayed images.