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Thyroid Therapy or Thyroid Ablation

General Information

Nuclear Medicine exams detect radioactive isotopes (tracers) given to the patient prior to the exam in order to show function of various areas within the body.

What is Thyroid Therapy or Thyroid Ablation?

Thyroid Therapy or Thyroid Ablation is used to treat or destroy the thyroid gland.

  • With both exams, instructions are given, a pill is administered, and patients are asked to go straight home or to wherever they have made arrangements to stay.
  • Thyroid Therapy:  This is used to treat a hyperactive or enlarged thyroid in order to return it back to normal function.
  • Thyroid Ablation:  This is used to destroy any thyroid tissue to stop it from functioning or after surgery to totally remove the thyroid.

How should I prepare for Thyroid Therapy or Thyroid Ablation?

  • You must be able to remain in isolation for up to seven days.  You will need access to a private bathroom and separate sleeping arrangements, and you must have very limited contact with other people.
  • A list of requirements will be provided by your referring Physician and by the Technologist administering the pill.  Please ensure you are prepared to meet all requirements before scheduling the procedure.
  • Please bring your order/prescription.
  • Please check with your Physician about any conflicting medications.
  • Please bring a list of the medications you are taking.
  • You should not be taking Synthyroid, other thyroid medications, amiodarones for the heart, or iodinated products.
  • Bring any previous reports (Thyroid Labs, NM Thyroid Scans, US, CT, MRI).
  • If you have had a CT exam with contrast within the last 2 months, please inform your Physician.
  • For at least 3 days prior to your appointment, do not consume any food containing the following:
    • Seafood and shellfish (including sushi)
    • Cabbages and green leafy vegetables
    • All soy products
    • Kelp
    • Milk, cheese products, eggs
    • Multi-vitamins
  • No breakfast food should be consumed the morning you will receive the pill or at least 4 hours prior to receiving the pill.  We need your stomach to be empty so that the pill will dissolve quickly.
  • If your Physician suggests a different preparation or indicates a specific timeframe that you should refrain from taking the above medications, then please follow the Physician’s directions.