Most asked questions…

  • What if I am claustrophobic?

In the event that you are claustrophobic, sedation may be provided by the ordering physician to help the patient relax enough for the exam to be completed. You will need to take the sedation that your doctor prescribes for you after you sign your consent for the MRI.  Also, if you are prescribed sedation, some will need to be available to drive you after the scan.

  • Is it possible to scan my whole body?

MRI is specific to each body part and gives great detail about that body part; therefore, only one body part can be scanned at a time.

  • Are eating or drinking allowed prior to the exam?

You can eat and drink prior to the MRI unless you are having your abdomen scanned (i.e. Liver, MRCP, Kidneys, and General Abdomen). VRI staff will give you these instructions, if they apply to you, prior to the scan.

  •  How long will the exam take?

Most exams last anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on what body part is being scanned.

  • Why is it important to notify staff of implanted metal?

Metal in the body can be affected by the magnetic pull of the machine. If there are certain types of implants or metal in your body, the metal could potentially heat up and cause a burning sensation. If there is any type of metal, including jewelry, shrapnel, bullets, and/or metal shavings that could be in your body you need to let VRI staff know this during the screening process.  There are some implanted medical devices that are not MRI safe will not be allowed in the MRI scan room.

  • When will I get my results?

The radiologist will read the scan within 24 hours and a written report will be sent directly to the physician that ordered the MRI.  The physician that ordered the scan will relay the results to you.