Welcome to VRI

stethoscopeVRI is dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs by offering a wide variety of comprehensive and diverse outpatient imaging services.  VRI also offers the expertise of board-certified, sub-specialized Radiologists to further serve our patients and referring Physicians.  VRI is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and all of our Technologists are registered as well.

Physicians and patients alike recognize the value associated with high quality imaging tools when looking for answers to health related concerns.  VRI is pleased to offer access to the most advanced imaging technology available in order to find the answers you need most.  Further, our fellowship trained Radiologists will read and interpret your images, provided expertise that is unmatched in our region.  Their interpretations allow your Physician to provide you an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan. 

With same day appointments, quick report turn-around time, and affordable payment options, we make your health top priority.