Breast MR

According to the American Cancer Society, women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health.

- Current evidence supporting mammograms is even stronger than in the past.  In particular, recent evidence has confirmed that mammograms offer substantial benefits for women in their 40s.  Women can feel confident about the benefits associated with regular mammograms for finding cancer early. However, mammograms also have limitations.  A mammogram can miss some cancers, and it may lead to follow up of findings that are not cancer.

-Women should be told about the benefits and limitations linked with yearly mammograms.  But despite their limitations, mammograms are still a very effective and valuable tool for decreasing suffering and death from breast cancer.

-Mammograms should be continued regardless of a woman's age, as long as she does not have serious or chronic health problems.