How do I prepare for my Mammogram?

  • In preparation of your mammogram, please do not use any deodorant, powder, lotions, or body oils on the chest/underarm/breast area. These items make the skin surface slick, which can increase the compression required to obtain quality images. Further, some deodorants can appear in the images in a very similar way to the appearance of some types of breast cancer. To avoid repeat imaging it is best to avoid these products prior to your exam. If you forget, however, we provide small towelettes available to clean these areas prior to the exam.
  • Review your health history prior to your exam so you are prepared to provide additional information about your health history. Some additional health history questions might include information such as your last menstruation, history of breast surgeries/biopsies, family history, any current female hormones, etc.
  • Avoid wearing one-piece outfits. Wearing a top and separate bottom will eliminate the need to fully undress for your exam.
  • To allow for comparison and faster results of your study, please bring any prior mammogram images on a disc.