Before scheduling a Digital Mammogram, the ACS and other specialty organizations recommend that you discuss any new findings or problems in your breasts with your Physician. In addition, inform your Physician of any prior surgeries, hormone use and family or personal history of breast cancer.

Do not schedule your Digital Mammogram for the week before your period if your breasts are usually tender during this time. The best time is one week following your period.  Always inform your Physician or x-ray Technologist if there is any possibility that you are pregnant.

Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts on the day of the exam. These can appear on the Digital Mammogram as calcium spots. Describe any breast symptoms or problems to the Technologist performing the exam.  If possible, obtain prior Mammograms and make them available to the Radiologist at the time of the current exam. In addition, before the examination you will be asked to remove all jewelry and clothing above the waist and you will be given a gown or loose-fitting material that opens in the front.