What is HIDA Scan or HIDA with EF?

HIDA Scan and HIDA with EF (CCK) assess right upper quadrant abdominal pain, general abdominal pain, bile reflux, biliary colic, surgical site.

  • This exam may be called – HIDA, HIDA with Ejection Fraction (or EF), HIDA with CCK, Gallbladder Study, GB with EF.
  • Injection and immediate images are obtained.  This may take up to 90 minutes. You must be able to lie still on the table for this amount of time.
  • You may be given a natural hormone (CCK) during the test if it is ordered by the referring Physician.
  • If you are claustrophobic, the images may be obtained with you standing up; however, the preferred method is to have you lying on the table.
  • We do not include the Ejection Fraction with CCK unless it has been specifically stated on the Physician’s order.