What should I expect during my Mammogram?

  • For all mammograms, the check in process is as follows:
    • During the check-in process you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire on an iPad, in order that we obtain as much history as possible (There will be someone available to assist you if needed).
    • Once complete, you will be escorted to the relaxing waiting area, asked to remove any larger pieces of jewelry and any powder/deodorant/lotions you have on, and asked to change from the waist up, placing the gown open to the front. You can then relax in the mammography waiting area and watch television while enjoying the coffee/cookies provided until called back to the exam room.
    • Once in the exam room, your name, date of birth, and history will briefly be confirmed to ensure accuracy.
    • We will then begin the exam and obtain a series of 3d/2d images. A minimum of 4 images will be taken; 2 taken with the breast compressed top to bottom, and 2 with the arm held up and over the edge of the machine, relaxed on the handle. The technologist will try to obtain as much of the breast tissue as possible while ensuring any discomfort felt is kept to a minimum. If you experience any pain, let the technologist know where and what type of discomfort you are experiencing, in order that they can attempt to alleviate it. Mammograms are not comfortable, but they are rarely painful.
  • Screening mammogram / 3D mammogram
    • You will have images taken, get dressed, and are free to leave afterward. You will receive your results via the mail.
  • Diagnostic / Call Back mammogram
    • Once your images have been taken you will wait in a sub-wait area while the radiologist looks over your images.  If any additional imaging is required, to provide the radiologist with more information, you will be escorted into the mammography or ultrasound exam room. You will receive your results before you leave the facility on the day of your appointment.