What to expect during your DEXA Scan?

Your test should take from 10–30 minutes depending on what parts of your body are being scanned.

  • If you need to undress and put on a gown, you will first be taken to a private area to change.
  • During the exam you will be asked to lie on your back on a padded table while a movable arm passes over your body.
  • The technologist will help you get into a position that makes the areas of the body to be imaged—usually the spine and hip—most visible.
  • To help with proper positioning, the table may include:
    • A box to support your legs and flatten your spine against the table
    • A brace to support your foot and rotate your hip inward
  • To ensure quality images, the technologist will ask you to lie as still as possible during your scan, but you may breathe normally for the duration of the exam.